3 Things to Be Clear About With Your Teen Driver Regarding Windshield Repair

Windshield damage is one of those things that can just happen during the normal course of driving. Whether an errant rock flies up on the freeway or a sudden hailstorm hits while your teen is stuck at work, they will eventually find themselves dealing with a cracked windshield. While you've likely already covered the bases about texting while behind the wheel, it is also important to teach your teen about the importance of making sure they have a clear view. These three essential windshield care tips will keep your teen safe as they learn how to keep their car maintained.

Avoid Common Glass Hazards

Although cracks are not usually anyone's fault, there are some things your teen can do to minimize the potential for dealing with broken glass. For example, keeping the car parked in a garage or covered parking space eliminates the risk of hail damage. Alternatively, rolling down the window to let the heat out during cold weather can help minimize an extreme difference between the exterior and interior temperatures that contributes to shatters.

Prevent Major Problems by Repairing Minor Cracks

Procrastination is a hallmark trait of many teens, yet this is one area where it definitely pays off to be proactive. Most windshield damage begins as a small crack that eventually grows as the glass is subjected to jolts, temperature changes and the vibrations from normal driving. Over time, a small chip can grow into a crack that obstructs the driver's view and requires the whole windshield to be replaced. Therefore, your teen should be aware that fixing a small chip prevents costlier repairs down the road.

Know When to Skip The Drive for Repairs

Sometimes, auto glass breaks in a way that makes the car unsafe to drive. This commonly occurs when an entire windshield shatters. However, your teen should also be warned to avoid driving the car for repairs if they cannot see past a crack or if their side mirrors are broken. Naturally, they should never drive if there is glass on the interior of the car. Advise your teen to call for mobile glass repair technicians to come to their location so that the windshield is repaired without compromising their safety.

Now that your teen knows how to check their tires and fluids, it is important to also teach them about the importance of caring for their windshield. By teaching them what to do when cracks happen, you can be confident that they will be safe behind the wheel while also knowing how to be proactive about caring for their valued property. For more information, contact a business such as Glass On Wheels.